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2014 Update on Offices of Elder & Deacon

In 2013, the Synod of the Christian Reformed Church appointed The Task Force to Study the Offices of Elder and Deacon (OED Task Force). The general purpose of the OED Task Force was to continue and expand on the work of the Diakonia Remixed: Office of Deacon Task Force that reported to Synod 2013.  The complete “preliminary report” from the OED Task Force to Synod 2014 can be found on pages 323 – 350 of the 2014 Agenda for Synod (Agenda).

If you do not have a copy of this traditional hard copy of the Agenda, you can can access a pdf version of the entire text at this link. However, if you are mainly interested in reading the OED Task Force report,  just click on  OED Task Force Report. And, if you are primarily interested on the effect of the proposed changes in the Church Order to the role and responsibilities of the Offices of Deacon and Elder at the congregational and community level, pages 341 – 344 might be of special interest to you. It’s worth noting that, as stated on page 343, “These changes incorporate important aspects of the role of deacons as developed by the Office of Deacon Task Force in 2013, many of which deacons are already doing.”  

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