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A Continuing Call to Justice

Late last year, Dr. Steven Timmermans, Executive Director of The Christian Reformed Church in North America, issued an “Advent Call to Justice” in response to “recent grand jury decisions in Ferguson, Missouri, and in New York [which] have shed light on the suffering and injustice felt by people of color and have sparked debate, conflict and difficult conversations about racial issues in communities across North America.” Since then, there have been two more similar highly publicized deaths of African American men . . . Eric Harris in Tulsa and Freddie Gray in Baltimore.

In his Call to Justice, Dr. Timmermans continued by noting, “As the body of Christ, when one member suffers, we all suffer. The Christian Reformed Church is a diverse church. The original actions by police in both cities, and the decisions of the grand juries not to issue indictments is troubling for many and, thus, for us all. Together we lament and together we commit to work toward ending racism.”

To help pastors and congregations discern the call of the Holy Spirit to faithfully engage in this conversation and in the struggle for justice, Dr. Timmermans pointed to a directory of resources provided by the CRC Office of Social Justice which you can access by going here. You can also read a related article that appeared in The Banner.