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A Grateful Request

Dear Friend,

I am filled with gratitude for what God is doing through the ministries of the Holland Deacons’ Conference (HDC) with developmentally disabled adults (My Brother’s and Sister’s Houses) as well as with children through the HDC partner ministries of Lakeshore Little People’s Place and Buen Pastor Ministries. I am also very grateful for the commitment to and support of HDC I have observed from many congregations, individuals and businesses.

Others are also grateful for the ministries of HDC. A mother of one of our residents at My Brother’s House 1 recently shared the following about her son’s experience:

Andrew leads a very full and rich life in the things that really matter.  He has meaningful work to do every day in an environment where he has genuine friends. He also has many meaningful activities in the evening, balanced with just enough “down time”.  Andrew loves giving back to the community on Monday evenings when he rolls silverware with his housemates for the mission. He enjoys church potlucks on Wednesday evenings, SEM (Special Education Ministries) meetings on Thursday nights and weekends are also filled with activities: Saturday morning chores, grocery shopping, Hope Basketball games, home movies and popcorn, coffee at JP’s, various activities with his houseparent’s family, and attending “The Gathering” [at Hope College’s chapel] on Sunday evenings. Summer brings “rec” night, vacations, and camp experiences along with enjoying the downtown activities of Holland.  Andrew’s faith is nurtured on a daily basis through devotions, prayer, and the love and care of his brothers and sisters in Christ.  He is happy and content. We are truly blessed to have the MBH family as part of our family.


My Brother's House

It is largely because of private contributions from friends and supporters like you that HDC is able to serve and support adults like Andrew; providing life enhancing experiences in a loving and supportive Christian living environment . . . and we are truly grateful to God for the generosity of God’s people for this ministry over the years. Time after time, when HDC has informed God’s people of a need, the need has been met.

This year, HDC is hoping to receive approximately $170,000 from private contributions—roughly 40% of the combined total operating expenses of our homes–in order to meet operating expenses.*

Now that you know our need and what your contribution will help support, please prayerfully consider making a generous year-end gift in support of the work and ministry of the Holland Deacons’ Conference.


Jack Kooyman, Executive Director

P.S. If you prefer to make a secure online contribution, you can now do so right from HDC’s website by clicking on “DONATE” at the top of the page.

*The difference between what is received from Medicaid/SSI and the actual cost to operate our homes.

Brother's House 2

Brother’s House 2


Sister’s House 1


Sister’s House 2