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Attention Deacons & HDC Deacon Reps!!!

WHAT: The Annual Meeting of the Holland Deacons’ Conference

WHEN: Thursday, November 8, 7:00 – 9:00 pm

WHERE: TBD…stay tuned

WHO: HDC Representatives, Deacons, and anyone interested in the work of the Holland Deacons’ Conference, e.g., anyone involved in disability ministries, community outreach, community development, benevolence ministries, social justice, etc. 

WHAT: 1.) Hear about the work and plans of the Holland Deacons’ Conference; 2.) Hear from representatives and residents of My Brother’s and Sister’s Houses; 3.) Learn about what God is doing at HDC’s two affiliate ministries, Buen Pastor and Lakeshore Little Peoples Places; 4.) Find out what other deacons are doing and learn from each other; and more.

Please stay tuned for updates and additional information about this important time for you and others engaged in diaconal ministry.