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Challenges = Opportunities

Due to a number of fairly significant changes that are occurring within programs and services for individuals with developmental disabilities, many of the men and women living at HDC’s Adult Foster Care homes–known as My Brother’s and Sister’s Houses–will be looking for new jobs, volunteer opportunities, or other types of meaning-full daytime activities.  (Many will also need transportation to and from these sites that might not be on a MAX bus route.) One of the main reasons for these changes is due to some rather substantial budget cuts to the programs and services in which most of our residents participate.

Not having daytime work or activities presents a special challenge to My Brother’s and Sister’s Houses. Unlike many Adult Foster Care (AFC) homes, we have not provided 24/7 on-site staffing. It has been our practice and commitment to see that the residents in our homes either have a job or are engaged in some type of educational or life enhancing activity out of the house during the week. Consequently, when a five day program is reduced to three days, we need to either find alternative supervised activities outside of the home or hire additional staff to remain at our homes during the day. Either way, it will likely mean additional expenses for the Holland Deacons’ Conference.


How You Can Help

Please prayerfully consider whether you or your church might be able to help us meet these challenges by becoming involved in one or more of the following ways:

  • Providing transportation to and from
    • a job site or program one or more days per week
    • occasional doctor/dentist appointments
  • Employment
    • If you are a business owner or employer, please consider whether and what you might be able to provide. If you have an employment opportunity or need, please consider hiring one of our residents. If you have any questions or concerns, please call the HDC office at (616) 494-6050 and ask for Jack.
  • Volunteer opportunities
    • Does your church, school, or organization need or provide opportunities for volunteers. Most of our residents enjoy and are very capable of serving in a variety of ways . . . perhaps in more ways than you might think.
  • Financial support
    • If you are a deacon, consider increasing the number of offerings in support of the Holland Deacons’ Conference and its ministry with adults with developmental disabilities.
    • Consider making an additional personal contribution. To make a secure contribution online, just go to our website’s donation page.


These are just some ideas and suggestions. If you or your church are interested in one or more of these opportunities, please call us with any questions or for additional information at (616) 494-6050 or by send an email to info@hdccrc.org.

Finally, and most importantly, please remember the men, women and staff of My Brother’s and Sister’s Houses in your prayers!

On behalf of the Holland Deacons’ Conference,

Thank you!

Jack Kooyman, Executive Director