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Deacons In Transition Seminar


This week’s Ephesians 4:12 Conference (Thurs., Oct. 1) will include a session dealing specifically with the changes approved by Synod 2015 that relate specifically to the role and work of deacons in the CRC.

If you are a deacon or in a leadership position within your congregation and are unclear about the changes that were approved . . . be assured that you are not alone. In addition to reviewing some of the key changes, practical guidance and resources will be shared to assist deacons and others as we move through this time of transition together.

Jack Kooyman, Executive Director of the Holland Deacons’ Conference, will facilitate this 50 minute session. Jack served as the Deacon Guide for the CRC Network for the past two years, completing his term of service following Synod 2015.

Even though there are only two days left before Thursday’s conference at Zeeland Christian Middle School, there is still time to register and conference day “walk ons” are welcome. On site registration is from 6:15 – 6:30 pm. For more information about the conference or to complete a registration, simply click on this convenient link.