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Diakonia Remixed

If you have not yet read Diakonia Remixed, the report to the 2013 Christian Reformed Church Synod by the Office of Deacon Task Force, I strongly encourage you to do so. This is a gem of a document that would not only transform the nature and work of deacons as we have come to know them, but also the congregations and communities whom they serve.

The central theological and ecclesiastical conviction that guided the work of the task force was that “the church does not simply have deacons but is by its very nature and calling a diaconate–that is, a community created by the triune God to be a servant people in the world. (p.2)” The report and its conclusions are guided, informed, and supported by CRC Creeds and Confessions, findings from earlier reports and studies during the past several decades, and most importantly from the sacred Scriptures.

To view this report in its entirety, just click on Diakonia Remixed: Office of Deacon Task Force Report

You might also be interested in viewing and listening to a previously recorded webinar on this subject by two Task Force members @ http://vimeo.com/65246295