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Self-Guided Orientation for HDC Deacons & Diaconates

This is an updated version of the self-guided orientation that first appeared on HDC’s website earlier this year. This presentation was designed primarily for deacons (CRC & RCA) serving congregations that partner with and/or support the work and ministries of the Holland Deacons’ Conference (HDC). 

This presentation could be used by during a training or orientation session for all or any deacons interested in learning more about their responsibilities as well as about the work and purpose of HDC. It could also be used by individual deacons or anyone else with similar interests.

This presentation consists of 22 slides that provide both an overview of the work and role of HDC as well as an introduction to the primary role and responsibilities of the Office of Deacon today.  (Although designed specifically for deacons, many slides will be of value and relevant for anyone engaged in any kind of community ministry.)

To navigate this presentation online, simply click on each slide or arrow (–>) on your keyboard to advance to the next slide.You can also download it @ bit.ly/HDCDeacon.

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Notes and questions are available on many slides. To access them, simply click on the gear-shaped toggle on the bottom of the page.

“The church does not simply have deacons, but is, by its very nature and calling a diaconate. The call of deacons is to motivate and mobilize the congregation for works of service (diakonia).”

Diakonia Remixed – CRC Office of Deacon Task Force Report, 2013