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HDC Director Is New Deacon Network Guide

Beginning Tuesday, February 4, 2014, HDC’s Executive Director, Jack Kooyman, will begin hosting the Christian Reformed Deacons Network as it’s newly appointed volunteer Guide. In response to the news of his selection, Kooyman said, “I am grateful and humbled by my selection to serve as the next Deacon Network Guide.” According to Kooyman, “I see this opportunity as an extension of and complement to my work with and for the deacons of Classis Holland. This is an important time for us and our denomination as we become increasingly aware of the essential nature of the  role and work of deacons along with a growing awareness that every member of a local congregation is called to and responsible for diaconal ministry … not just deacons.”

The Deacons Network is an online social network for and about deacons in the Christian Reformed Church in North America. More specifically, it is a place for deacons to ask questions; share information, resources, and ideas; engage in discussions around a variety of topics relevant to the office and work of deacons; and learn from each other as well as from occasional “experts” . . .  or at least some very knowledgeable and experienced individuals.

To find out more, simply click on Deacons Network now and see what it has to offer. In order to participate in any of the discussion on Network, you will need to have or complete the fairly simple process of setting up account.

If you have a topic that you would like to have the Deacon’s Network address, please feel free to share it with Jack by sending him an email at jack@hdccrc.org.