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Public Forum on Nutrition & Health for Mothers and Children


The Holland Bread Team, the local chapter of Bread for the World, has put together an important and noteworthy public forum with the title, Survive and Thrive: Nutrition and Health for Mothers and Children.


Survive and Thrive will be held on Thursday, April 14 from 7:00 pm – 8:30 pm at Hope College’s Martha Miller Center for Global Communication (257 Columbia Ave., Holland, MI).


This forum provides a wonderful opportunity and learning experience for anyone who cares about and wants to make a difference in the health and well-being of mothers and children both in our own “backyard” as well as throughout the world.

Poor nutrition during a child’s early years can lead to premature death or a lifetime of poor health.  And, mothers who do not receive adequate nutrition are unable to provide for their children’s needs.  Thus, investing in the health and nutrition of mothers and children is a key to ending chronic hunger in our world.
For more information or if you are unable to attend the forum, see the 2016 Hunger Report from the Bread for the World Institute at hungerreport.org.
Forum Speakers:

Dr. Donna Lowry, president and CEO of Ready for School, will address the issue on the domestic  front.

Tom Post, team leader for Asia at World Renew, will  provide an international perspective.


 Holland Bread Team (Holland Chapter of Bread for the World)


Center for Ministry Studies (Hope  College)

Pi Sigma Alpha (Hope  College)