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Information & Resources for Deacons

Do you ever have questions about what deacons are really supposed to be doing? Maybe you’re looking for a better way to help people in economic poverty other than simply giving them money or food. Or perhaps you’ve wondered how you and/or others from your church could move from a ministry model of simply doing things to or for people to one of doing ministry with others from the community. Well, if you’re looking for answers, information, or resources to these and other questions, you might want to begin by simply checking out HDC’s Diaconal Ministry Resources page right here.

If, after exploring our Diaconal Ministry Resources page, you can’t find what you need, simply contact Jack Kooyman, HDC’s Executive Director, for assistance. You can reach him by calling HDC’s office at (616) 494-6050 or by sending him an email at jack@hdccrc.org.