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Handouts From HDC’s Annual Meeting

Two of the presentations at the annual meeting of the Holland Deacons’ Conference in November were given via PowerPoint slides.  Both of these presentations are especially relevant to the work of deacons and diaconal ministry in the congregations and communities that are part of and supported by the Holland Deacons’ Conference.

Andy Ryskamp, former director of World Renew U.S., provided us with an interesting and informative overview of what it means to be a deacon and do “deaconing” today. You can download and view the entire presentation, Deaconing: The New Context, here.

In his annual report to HDC Deacon Representatives, HDC’s executive director, Jack Kooyman, spoke of the numerous challenges that HDC had faced and, with God’s guidance and provision, largely overcome in the preceding year. He also shared some of what HDC will be addressing in the year ahead and what it will be looking and asking for from HDC/Classis Holland deacons and congregations. You can download and view Jack’s presentation here.