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Recommended Reading for Deacons

Little did I (Jack Kooyman) know that when I picked up and began reading Generous Justice by Tim Keller, that it would be so pertinent to deacons and those engaged in various types of diaconal ministry with individuals and communities.  It came as no surprise then, when I discovered that Dr. Keller dedicated this book to the deacons and deaconesses of his congregation (Redeemer Presbyterian Church in New York City) along with a diaconal ministry (Hope for New York) that grew out of Redeemer and with whom they still work closely–along with others–to serve the poor of the city.

I am grateful to Dr. Keller for writing this book and providing some very clear and sound Biblical insight and guidance on a subject that we all too often ignore and/or avoid–for a variety of reasons–doing little if anything to address injustices in the world and in our communities.  I encourage you to buy or borrow a copy of this very readable and clear treatment of what the Biblical–and diaconal–call to do justice meant when it was written,  what it means to us today, and how we can or might apply it to diaconal ministry.

Generous Justice