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Residents Require Rides


Many of us take our ability to get places where we need to go (work, school, doctor appointments, etc.) for granted. I know I have. When I want or need to get someplace, I usually just get in my car and go there . . . unless it’s close enough for me to walk or ride my bike. However, the men and women living at My Brother’s and Sister’s Houses don’t have that luxury. More often than not, they need and depend on others to bring them.

The need for us to provide transportation for our residents has increased substantially since the closing of Kandu late last year. Because, not only did Kandu provide jobs for them to do every day, they also received transportation to and from those jobs from Pioneer Resources. Since then, we have been working diligently to assist our residents in finding employment and/or meaningful quality programs and life enriching community activities on days when they’re not working. That being said, our ability to provide or assist residents with obtaining the transportation they need is sorely inadequate.

In an attempt to help address this important and growing need for transportation, the leadership of the Holland Deacons’ Conference decided it was time to hire our own drivers. At this time we are looking to hire 1 – 2 drivers to provide transportation Monday through Friday mornings and afternoons for a total of 10 – 15 hours per week.

(It might be helpful knowing that this need is especially acute for the residents of My Brother’s House II in Park Township where MAX bus services are not presently available. HDC is working with Park Township officials, MAX and others to address this important need.) 

Go to the following link at Indeed.com for more information about this job and/or to express your interest in applying for it: HDC Transportation Driver.  You can also view a complete position description here.