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Summer Institute on Theology & Disability

2016 Theology Disability Institute

The Summer Institute on Theology and Disability brings together academics, practitioners, theologians, pastors and others—people with and without labeled disabilities—to explore the inclusive intersections of theology and disabilities. The Summer Institute is led by Bill Gaventa and core faculty including Hans Reinders, John Swinton, Tom Reynolds, Amos Yong, Erik Carter, Darla Schumm and Julia Watts Belser. If you haven’t heard of these folks, simply Google them—they are leaders in the fields of ethics, theology, missiology, education, etc.  This year some from our own community will be leading different parts of the conference (a plenary session led by Western Theological Seminary Profs Conner, Boogaart, and Billings with Randy Smit; Prof Rozeboom and faculty will lead evening worship along with members of the Hebrew class and Friendship House).

Founded in 2010, the Summer Institute creates a significant space for thought-and-practice leadership in the rapidly growing arena of theology and disability.

For more information about this event and to register for one or more days, click on the following link to the Collaborative on Faith & Disabilities website.