About Us

The Holland Deacons’ Conference (HDC) is the diaconal ministry of the Christian Reformed Church for Classis Holland. HDC exists to encourage, support and equip deacons, church members and partners to collaborate in Christ-like acts of mercy, justice and compassion that transform lives and communities, reflecting and advancing God’s reign.


Our Mission:

Equipping deacons, church members and partners to participate in God’s work of transforming lives and communities.

Our Vision:

Transformed Lives and Communities

Our Core Values:

Partnership We are committed to encouraging diaconates, local congregations and community partners to work together combining resources and efforts to more effectively address and support shared diaconal concerns and projects (Acts 4: 32-35).

Justice God calls us to restore and reconcile broken relationships (2 Corinthians 5:16-19) through the pursuit of justice (Micah 6:8).

Compassion We are motivated by and committed to demonstrating Christ’s compassion for the vulnerable, poor and suffering in our communities and world (1 John 3:16-19).


Engaging Community: HDC will encourage each diaconate and church to join in God’s transforming work in their communities.

Equipping Deacons: HDC will serve as a link to available teaching, training, encouragement and partnerships for deacons and diaconal ministries from congregations and communities within Classis Holland.

Doing Justice: HDC will equip and encourage deacons and congregations to act on justice issues affecting vulnerable, poor and suffering people in their communities.


In addition to our work with deacons, congregations and other partners, our work also includes the management and operations of the 5 Adult Foster Care Homes, formal partnerships bwith and support of






Buen Pastor Ministries


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Jack Kooyman has served as Executive Director for HDC since October 2013.

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