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CRC & RCA Newsletter for Deacons

For Deacons  |  March 2018

This monthly e-newsletter is a ministry of Christian Reformed and Reformed Church in America Deacon ministries.


This is the first edition of a regular newsletter for deacons of the Christian Reformed Church in North America (CRCNA) and the Reformed Church in America (RCA). Over the last couple of years, the role and place of deacons in the church has been under study and review. Several points are becoming clear:

Deacons are asking for clarity around their leadership role at all levels of church structure.

Deacons are recognizing their role in connecting the church in meaningful ways with community.

Deacons desire shared accountability with elders for achieving the vision of the local church.

Deacons recognize that their role is less about doing on behalf of the church and more about equipping its members.

Deacons recognize that continuity of leadership is necessary to accomplish the diaconal mandate.

This newsletter endeavors to assist deacons in responding to these and other challenges.

This first edition is focused on the question of discipleship. Deacons often ask how they can make sure that their ministry, especially to people outside the church, is ministering in both word and deed. This edition provides some key resources to that and other questions.

You can view and read the remainder of this newsletter at ForDeaconsMarch2018.