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Deaconing: The New Context


Last week, just prior to the 2016 annual meeting of the Holland Deacons’ Conference at Maranatha CRC in Holland, Michigan, Andy Ryskamp-the recently retired director of World Renew U.S–addressed a group of CRC pastors and deacons from Classis Holland on the subject, Deaconing: The New Context. In this presentation, Andy reviewed the journey of the CRC with regard to the Office of Deacon along with its understanding of diakonia and diaconal ministry of the church. Among  other things, Andy noted that the recent decision at Synod recognized that the work or ministry of deaconing belongs to the whole church, not just those serving as deacons.

Andy also stressed the importance of and need for the church to move from the all too common model of doing ministry “to” and “for” people  from one with more of a focus on doing ministry “with” others . . . especially those in and from the community.  He also noted the importance or recognizing that God is already present and at work in the community and that everyone we see and serve also bears God’s image and has gifts or assets.

You can download  and view the powerpoint  Andy used for his presentation at, Deaconing: The New Context.

If your diaconate, council, or congregation is interested in learning more about “deaconing,” please contact the Holland Deacons’ Conference and we will gladly assist you. You can contact us by either calling the HDC office at (616) 494-6050 or by emailing our Executive Director, Jack Kooyman, at jack@hdccrc.org.

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