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My Brother’s & Sister’s Houses @ Festival of Churches

Residents from My Brother’s & Sister’s Houses will once again participate in the annual Festival of Churches Celebration beginning at 6:00 pm on February 23 at Evergreen Commons in Holland, Michigan.

The following information is taken directly from a 2012 news article in The Banner about the event:

The event is an “opportunity to experience an expression of worship arts from various cultural backgrounds and to hear testimonies that involve situations of inclusion,” said Jeff Meyer, pastor of Crosswinds Community CRC and chair of the classis’s Diversity Team.

The event also focuses on inclusion of people with disabilities. “The aim is to celebrate inclusion as that’s experienced in local churches,” he said.

Please consider joining us for this time of celebrating and giving thanks to God for the wonderful diversity among believers as well as a better reflection and taste of God’s Kingdom community.

Grace & Peace!