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Opportunities to Share


The blog post, Challenges = Opportunitiespublished here on August 11, has resulted in more inquiries and had more “views” than any previous post to HDC’s website. Most recently, a deacon asked if we had a flyer or something that she could print and share with members of her congregation. It wasn’t until after she asked that I took the information from the blog post and developed a simple flyer to be shared with congregations or anyone else.

Please consider downloading and printing copies of this document to share with others who might be able to help or support the residents of My Brother’s and Sister’s Houses in some way.  You can access and download the Challenges as Opportunities flyer here.

On behalf of the Holland Deacons’ Conference and the men and women who call My Brother’s and Sister’s Houses home,

Thank you,

Jack Kooyman, Executive Director