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Meeting With Andy Ryskamp on “Deaconing: The New Context”

WHAT: This year’s Annual Meeting with the HDC Board* will be preceded by a special presentation entitled, Deaconing: The New Context, by Andy Ryskamp, the recently retired director of World Renew U.S.   According to Ryskamp, “Synod 2015 created a new vision that involves deacons serving as the leading edge in community transformation at both the local and regional levels as they address issues of justice and mercy.” 

WHEN: The presentation is scheduled from 6:30 – 7:15pm on Thursday, November 17. The HDC annual meeting will follow after a brief break for refreshments. The evening’s business is expected to conclude by no later than 8:30pm, D.V.

WHERE: Maranatha Church in Holland, Michigan located at 918 Central Ave.

WHO: All pastors and deacons from Classis Holland Christian Reformed congregations are invited and encouraged to attend this presentation. / HDC Deacon Representatives from Classis Holland congregations are, by virtue of their position, members of the HDC Board* and should, if possible, attend HDC’s Annual Meeting.


Andy Ryskamp