Transforming Lives & Communities Together


Supporting Adults With Developmental Differences

Thirty men and women with intellectual and developmental differences--aka disabilities--have chosen to live in one of our five homes in Holland, Michigan. Our residential and community living specialists provide needed supports within the context of a safe and nurturing Christian community. As a ministry, we and our community have been richly blessed by and are grateful for the love and gifts which our sisters and brothers in Christ freely and joyfully share.

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Lakeshore Little People's Place

While the parents are away, the kids are at play—at the reading station—at prayer—and just exploring God’s world in a bundle of ways. Safe. Nurturing. Loving. It’s what this childcare ministry is all about and HDC helps support it

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Buen Pastor Ministries

Migrant families have some added challenges in life, and Buen Pastor focuses on some unique early childhood programs for migrant children and their families. HDC is on the board to support and be a part of this community.

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What Going On With Justice @ Churches?
Our Call to Stand With Refugees
World Refugee Day is on Tuesday, June 20 this year. Let’s join together to call our lawmakers and send a powerful message: "We Welcome Refugees!" World Relief, the humanitarian arm of the National Association of Evangelicals, has developed a very simple and user-friendly way for you to share this message with your elected representatives at The following post was written by Carol Bremer-Bennett, Director for World Renew-US, and can be found here on World Renew's website. I was raised in a Dutch immigrant family. I sat in church pews twice every Sunday with my parents, grandparents, aunts, and uncles. As one family, we learned of God’s...
How Is Your Church Connecting With Community?
The Holland Deacons' Conference (HDC) would like to know what, how, and to what extent the local congregations it supports and partners with are engaging with their community. In order to do so, we would like to receive several responses from each church (If you are unsure, check to see if your church is in the list on the Classis Holland website. We will compile the survey results for each congregation and share them with the church's leaders (pastors, deacons, community outreach leaders,etc.) and HDC leadership. Additionally, having a least a few responses from every congregation will also provide us (HDC) with a better idea or picture of what churches are doing and what they...