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Supporting Adults With Developmental Differences

Thirty men and women with intellectual and developmental differences--aka disabilities--have chosen to live in one of our five homes in Holland, Michigan. Our residential and community living specialists provide needed supports within the context of a safe and nurturing Christian community. As a ministry, we and our community have been richly blessed by and are grateful for the love and gifts which our sisters and brothers in Christ freely and joyfully share.

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Lakeshore Little People's Place

While the parents are away, the kids are at play—at the reading station—at prayer—and just exploring God’s world in a bundle of ways. Safe. Nurturing. Loving. It’s what this childcare ministry is all about and HDC helps support it

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Buen Pastor Ministries

Migrant families have some added challenges in life, and Buen Pastor focuses on some unique early childhood programs for migrant children and their families. HDC is on the board to support and be a part of this community.

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Your Support Makes A Difference!
If you haven't already done so, please consider supporting the ministries of the Holland Deacons' Conference with a year-end contribution. Your contribution and continued financial support are more important than ever in light of certain challenges we have experienced in recent years (see earlier post for more info)....
Made Like Us
Recently* our daughter Nicole, who is 21, spent a few days in the hospital. Because she has several impairments that resulted from her extremely premature birth, she cannot speak for herself. So my wife or I remained with her nearly every hour of her stay. Even with excellent staff, hospitals can leave you feeling powerless and frustrated. As the days dragged by, I wondered, “If I feel frustrated, what must this feel like for Nicole?” Besides all the strangers rambling in and out of her room at all hours to pull off and replace sticky bandages and check vitals, Nicole could not control even the most basic things: whether she wanted the curtains open or closed, what she wanted for her...
Two Years Later …
Two years ago at this time HDC was dealing with—and still reeling from—the sudden closing of Kandu Industries as well as substantial and nearly simultaneous reductions to programming and services for the men and women living at My Brother's and Sister's Houses (MB/SH). As a result of these sudden and unexpected changes, most of the 30 residents of MB/SH would be home 2-3 days a week while several would be home 4-5 days—based on individual differences from a new assessment measuring need for support. Having residents at home during the day on weekdays meant that we now needed to provide daytime staffing—required by State licensing—at each of our five homes for the first time in...


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