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Supporting Adults With Developmental Differences

Thirty men and women with intellectual and developmental differences--aka disabilities--have chosen to live in one of our five homes in Holland, Michigan. Our residential and community living specialists provide needed supports within the context of a safe and nurturing Christian community. As a ministry, we and our community have been richly blessed by and are grateful for the love and gifts which our sisters and brothers in Christ freely and joyfully share.

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Lakeshore Little People's Place

While the parents are away, the kids are at play—at the reading station—at prayer—and just exploring God’s world in a bundle of ways. Safe. Nurturing. Loving. It’s what this childcare ministry is all about and HDC helps support it

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Buen Pastor Ministries

Migrant families have some added challenges in life, and Buen Pastor focuses on some unique early childhood programs for migrant children and their families. HDC is on the board to support and be a part of this community.

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February Newsletter for Deacons
 The intent of For Deacons is to be a resource to diaconates desiring to live out the vision and mandate of what they affirmed at their installation to this vital role. In a context where change is constant and needs are often urgent, we want deacons to have all the resources possible at their fingertips.* Reflection Diaconal Cooperation at a Regional/Classis Level Finding time for the normal activities around deacon tasks is hard enough. How do we find time to coordinate with other churches? Perhaps designating that connecting responsibility as the function of one of the deacons will lessen the pressure on the others. The benefits of collaborating with other churches and...
Top Reasons Why Deacons Are Needed at Classis & Synod*
Traditionally, in the CRC, deacons have taken a back seat role when it comes to governance at all levels of church life. The CRC synod of 2015 settled years of discussion when it officially recognized the leadership role inherent in the office of deacon and established diaconal leadership at all levels of church life, including at classis and synod. Our friends from Diaconal Ministries Canada provide seven reasons why this is good for the Church....
Self-Guided Orientation for Deacons
This is an updated version of a self-guided orientation module for deacons that was initially posted on HDC's website in 2018. It was designed primarily for deacons (CRC & RCA) serving congregations that partner with and/or support the work and ministries of the Holland Deacons' Conference (HDC). That being said, we soon realized that deacons from other CRC/RCA classes might also benefit from much of the material not related specifically to HDC partner congregations.  This presentation could be used by during a training or orientation session for all or any deacons interested in learning more about their responsibilities as well as about the work and purpose of HDC. It could...