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The Holland Deacons’ Conference exists to encourage, support and equip deacons, church members and partners to collaborate in Christ-like acts of mercy, justice, and compassion that transform lives and communities, reflecting and advancing God’s reign.

Brothers & Sisters Homes

HDC owns five homes that provide a nurturing and supportive living environment for adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities (I/DD) in Holland, Michigan. These homes are known as Brothers & Sisters Homes.

Brothers & Sisters Homes are home for 30 men and women with I/DD where they are supported by caring and Christian staff members who help them live as independently as possible. Each home also has a  full-time live-in home manager. Residents at our homes are much more than housemates . . . they are more like brothers and sisters. Their daily lives include activities such as sharing daily chores; working and/or volunteering in the community; learning life skills; and enjoying a life filled with sports, classes, church, community events and just hanging out with friends.

We have had countless joys and challenges since opening our first home more than 30 years ago. Together we have experienced God’s goodness, provision, love, and protection. We are deeply grateful to God that we have been and remain a viable choice as a place for them to live and call home. A place where Christ’s love is experienced and shared; a home where they can receive needed support, care, encouragement, and grace. A place for them to learn and develop life skills, discover and share the gifts God has given them, and engage more fully and meaningfully with others in both the church and community.

It’s our calling and privilege to be able to provide opportunities and a context for our brothers and sisters to live their lives to the fullest in relationship with God and others. Many have been blessed by getting to know them and experiencing the love they have for God and others. We hear frequent testimony from friends, staff, volunteers, and families of the joy and blessing these women and men bring to so many each day of their lives.

Learn more about this ministry and the blessing it is to the men and women who are part of it by watching the following video.



Lakeshore Little People's Place

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Here are four places in Holland where kids receive nurturing care while parents are away at work. HDC believes the church and larger community play an important role in caring for our young children along with their parents. Smiles are all around – by kids, caregivers and volunteers (okay, a few tears once in a while, too). That’s the young life, and LLPP exists to be a reliable, trusting supporter to moms and dads.

Lakeshore Little People’s Place is a separate non-profit organization of which HDC is a member.
Karen Eshenaur is the Executive Director. You can learn more about them and their locations at www.llpp.org.


Buen Pastor Ministries






Let’s face it, life has enough challenges, but a migrant family more often than not faces even more adversities that can especially impact their kids.

Buen Pastor (Good Shepherd) Ministries has been ministering to migrant families for more than 25 years with a focus on comprehensive early childhood programs in an atmosphere that embodies the Good Shepherd—Jesus Christ.

Migrant Head Start and Buen Pastor Ministries (along with its state license for child care) are located at Third Reformed Church in Holland, Michigan. HDC was instrumental in starting Buen Pastor, maintains a seat on its Board of Directors, and fully supports and encourages others to support this important ministry with prayer and gifts of time and money.

For more information, contact Sherri Derr, Executive Directorby phone, email or letter as provided

Phone: 616-796-3497 | Email: bpastor@macatawa.org  |Mail: Buen Pastor Ministries, 111 West 13th Street, Holland, MI 49423

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